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Hunky Male Celebs Who are also Hunky Professors

Teachers have the noble task of educating students to be the best they can be. They stretch their creative juices just to make their students engaged and willing to absorb the lessons inside the four walls of the classroom. Being an educator entails being a second parent, making students write numerous college essays, being their friend and enemy at times, and always having their best interests at heart.

The following male celebrities who are or at one point of their lives became teachers have a little advantage over getting their students’ attention. They have face and their physique to thank for that.

James Franco
Taught at Yale on 2011 and currently teaching poetry and film at NYU

John Hamm
Taught drama John Burroughs High School in St. Louis, Missouri

Kalpen Modi
Taught Asian-American Studies at University of Pennsylvania

Taught English, Music, and Soccer at St. Katherine Convent School in England

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