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Lessons Highschool Students Can Learn from Frankenstein

Since school is about to begin in less than five weeks, it is high time students hit the books and begin on munching on literature that would be part of their reading list when school time comes. And one of the books in every classroom reading list is Frankenstein.

Messing with the natural order of things has serious consequences
When Victor Frankenstein created the robot and brought it to life, even not giving it a name, he unleashed an unseen force of destruction.  He created a living, breathing creature the unnatural way and then turned his back because the creature did not looked like what he envisioned.

There is evil inside each of us
Robot or human, we all have our dark side. We are all inclined to go to the dark by certain life situations which overall are confusing and disheartening.  The monster turned murderous after he experienced rejection and disgust because of its appearance.

Taking someone else’s life for revenge does not bring peace
Vengeance in the form of killing will never, ever bring complete peace.  It might bring satisfaction and a sense of justice but it will forever haunt us, no matter how wronged we felt.  Victor spent the last months and days of life just searching the monster and vowing that one of them has to die so that the string of deaths of his loved ones will end.

Frankenstein Overview (Link)

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5 Successful Celebs Who Didn’t Get Their HS Diploma

Celebrities might have billion dollar mansions, multi-platinum albums, great concerts, blockbuster motion pictures and other crocks of gold; but then again they didn’t reach their fame through triumphing book reports and academic research papers first.

For me, as well as for other readers out there, at any rate it feels so lucky that we’ve earned our HS degree regardless of being certainly ordinary entities. And enumerated below are just some of the prosperous stars who never graduated from high school by taking a serious break from schooling only to become the brightest luminaries in Hollywood.

Lindsay Lohan
Raspy voiced actress Lindsay Lohan looted more court hearings than HS recognitions. Sexy LiLo was homeschooled while filming The Parent Trap (1998) and later enrolled on the famous conservatory for the stars Laurel Springs School but still she never finished her HS units.

Johnny Depp
A-list box office victor Pirates of the Caribbean star stopped attending school when he was just 15, in hopes of becoming a rock artist.
“I’d been in high school three years, and I may have just walked in yesterday. I had, like, eight credits. I was in my third year of high school and I didn’t want to be there. I was bored out of my mind and I hated it.”

Drew Barrymore
Hollywood darling Drew Barrymore’s childhood was so chaotic that she didn’t earned any degree from high school or college; however at this moment she is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

Charlie Sheen

In 1983, Mr. Warlock Sheen attended and joined in Santa Monica High School varsity baseball team coached by Jose Lopez, who is now professional infielder for the Cleveland Indians. Unluckily, his accomplishment on the baseball playing field did not turn to triumph in the schoolroom, as he fight back to make his class marks up. Just a few weeks prior to his scheduled commencement day, Good Time Charlie was disqualified to march on the G-day and expelled due to poor attendance and poor class remarks. Fortunately, he became the highest paid star on television.

Britney Spears
The Princess of Pop dropped out on Kentwood High School in Lousiana before becoming a pop icon. She previously attended on a private institution in Mississippi, Parklane Academy until October 1994. FYI: Spears was on the girls’ basketball team.

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