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Hot Guys on the iHeart Radio Music Festival

This annual festival won’t just be a music holiday for the listeners but it will also be a haven for stunning attention-grabbers a.k.a amazingly hot performers. I haven’t research about who chooses them but I am indeed grateful to know they cherry-picked the best guys to entertain us! Wanna know the reason? Well, just check this out!

Billie Joe Armstrong – Green Day

Fun Trivia: He considers himself an agnostic.

Jon Bon Jovi

Fun Trivia: He sports the tattoo of Superman logo on left shoulder. (Metal Edge August 1989)

Enrique Iglesias

Fun Trivia: In April 2003, he decided to remove his mole on his right cheek.


Fun Trivia: Usher is a co-owner of the (NBA team) Cleveland Cavaliers. (imdb)

Brad Paisley

Fun Trivia: Country singer Brad Paisley contributed two original songs to the Disney film “Cars” and its sequel. (Just click here for more trivia whosdatedwho.com)

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