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Catcher in the Rye: Life Lessons for Students

This is one book that has gone through much controversy, hate, and then love.  When it was first released, The Catcher in the Rye was hated because of its supposedly, perverse nature and was actually banned in schools.

But then, it was then coined as one of the beloved books and was endorsed to be part of the reading curriculum of schools because of the way it presented life and love. It has even been the subject of essays in sites like and other related sites because teachers assign it as book reviews very so often.

And so, read on for things that students can get from this literature that was ahead of its time.

Things change when we become adults
The main character, Holden Caufield, thought that it was his life’s mission to save children falling off from innocence.  He had this notion that we can maintain our child-like ways even if we reach our adult life.  While this maybe the best way to live life, like a child who sees everything in black and white, unfortunately, in this world where the line between good and evil becomes thinner everyday, we are compelled to live life in some gray areas and just fervently hope to learn from them.

Before saving other, we must first save ourselves

Holden was held back by his bad experiences in Pency Prep, the college he attended, to his checking in to motels and his encounter with this endeared teacher, Mr. Antollini. He couldn’t bring himself up to fight with the pimp of the prostitute that he just wanted to talk to, he didn’t fight back with his roommate who beat him up after they disagreed
about a girl.

Living in the past will get us nowhere
At the end of the novel, Holden ironically remembers the people who beat him for no justifiable reason.  This can mean that he held on to the unwarranted violence that he received trying to do the right thing.  He is so holding tight to the past that it is the only thing that seemed to have brought him comfort.




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