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5 Reasons to Watch Zom-Rom-Com Film, Warm Bodies

Attention romantic comedy and zombie film buffs: Here’s a treat for you.

This zombie romantic comedy (zom-rom-com, for short) film entitled “Warm Bodies”  is written and directed by the young and promising Jonathan Levine, who brought us “All the Boys Love Mandy Lane” and “50/50.”

  • Its plot is fresh, although the setting is familiar – almost lifeless America. At least zombies are not limited to grunting and attacking. They are trying to connect with humans. They have a heart.
  • Attractive and deep, lead character “R,” portrayed by Nicholas Hoult, is reminiscent of protagonists like Edward Cullen (Twilight). He falls for Julie, played by Teresa Palmer, the human girlfriend of one teenage boy he attacks.
  • The fun trailer is presented at the lead character’s point-of-view. Drives you curious whether the film would give justice to it.
  • Finally, “Warm Bodies” is adapted from the novel written by Isaac Marion. Love the book? Then you might be interested to check out Levine’s treatment to it.

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Sexy Film Actresses Who are HIV/AIDS-Awareness Advocates

How would you define sexy? Do you go along with a thought that ‘sexiness corresponds on the compassionate spirit and perceptive understanding of a person?’

Every Hollywood maven has a charitable foundation that she benevolently supports – whether it’s about carrying the rainbow flags of LGBT through community assemblies and donning with nothing on for posters as they wrangle for animal cruelty. Almost all of the well-famed luminaries keep spreading the awareness on food crisis and unprocessed diets, but one heath concern has a lot of media personalities were lurching on; and that is, HIV/AIDS.

Many highly distinguished people are campaigning to properly disseminate the awareness of this dangerous disease that distresses millions of lives worldwide.

Let’s take a glimpse on rousing movie maidens who are not just strikingly stunning but wonderfully activists of life that help out proliferating knowledge about the aforementioned dreadful woe.

Rebekka Armstrong
When she was 18 years old, she graced the centerfold of men’s magazine where young Rebekka dubbed as the Playboy Playmate of the Month (September 1986). In 1994, the low-profile film actress made an announcement that she’s HIV-positive, Rebecca was diagnosed when she was 22. Her revelation became headlines on broadsheets worldwide. The former playboy model becomes infected with the retrovirus when she was in high school during a casual unsafe sex. Armstrong’s experience is characterized as inspiring, honest and one of a kind. She endures her life as a vegan, competitive bodybuilder, and HIV/AIDS educator.

Pamela Anderson
In 2010, sexy blonde actress Pamela Anderson joined forces in the protest against the annual seal hunting in Canada. She also used her celebrity status as she helps people who are affected by AIDS/HIV. The Baywatch star became a spokesperson for MAC Cosmetic’s MAC AIDS Fund. The former showgirl reigned as one of the sex icons during the 90s.

Scarlett Johansson
The modern day blonde bombshell Scarlett Johansson professes that she underwent two AIDS/HIV tests a year. She revealed in an interview in October 2006, “It’s part of being a decent human, to be tested for STDs. It’s just disgusting behavior when people don’t. It’s so irresponsible.” ScarJo journeyed to Rwanda with the (RED) campaign to visit AIDS orphanages, to raise awareness and  financial assistance to fight the deadly disease.

Elizabeth Taylor
She is famously known as the Rumpus of Love, as she engaged in more than five unsuccessful marriages. In 1985, the British-born actress started her crusade on behalf of AIDS sufferers, when one of his friends, Rock Hudson, died from an AIDS-related illness. Elizabeth Taylor auctioned off her most valuable 33-Carat Diamond Bauble engagement ring gifted by Richard Burton to raise money for HIV/AIDS charitable foundation. Legendary leading lady Liz once said, “It is bad enough that people are dying of AIDS, but no one should die of ignorance.”

Follow this link > to learn more about other biggest celebrities who were also AIDS/HIV advocates

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Forerunners of Ska Music

The revolution of SKA

The Evolution of SKA

Wave to and fro the harmony of Ska music-chronicle, the Reggae is frequently considered as the precursor to Ska music but Ska induced the progress of reggae. It is a musical form mixed with Jamaican music style intermingled with blues and alt rock. Perhaps, most of the music enthusiasts nowadays are familiar with Ska music through the prominent bands from the 80s. However, it was famously recognized since 1970. The earliest tune relates to the music pattern of the New Orleans Brighten along with their instruments that were stirringly made in the Land of Springs. Percussions and strings had been correspondingly utilized with an upbeat sound.

Sir Clement Seymour Dodd, or simply known as “Coxsone,” is one of the most significant contributors of Ska music. Although he was not a music artist, he produced renowned bands in his recording studio called Studio One. In the late 50s, his successful creations became wildly well-liked in the fourth largest island nation of the Greater Antilles. And through the vehement lifestyle of “Rudies” or the rude boys, who were clad in sharp suits and Trilby hats that are enthused in American gangster motion pictures, jazz and soul music entertainers, in the poverty-stricken area and politically vicious culture of Kingston; the tensions between them and the political gangs led to other musically inclined citizens to generate symptomatic songs towards the strife in Jamaica, commending them to become less furious and violent. Subsequently, rude boys learned to express their notions by means of leaping and frolicking in Rastafarian dance halls.

Based on research, Ska music was divided into three eras: the First Wave (1960s), the Second Wave (in late 70s) and the Third Wave (1980s).

First Wave – the original Jamaican scene

Desmond Dekker
“007 (Shanty Town)”

The Skatalites
“Guns of Navarone”

Bob Marley & The Wailers
“Simmer Down”

Second-Wave Ska, or “Two-Tone” Ska – known as the period were the traditional music merged with punk rock.

The Specials / The Special AKA
“Too Much Too Young”

Bad Manners
“Lip Up Fatty”

“Baggy Trousers”

Third-Wave Ska – started in the 1980s and continued in the United States till the 90s.

The Toasters
“Two-Tone Army”

No Doubt
“Everything’s Wrong”

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
“The Impression that I Get”

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Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival

The 5th Annual Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival does a multi-night, multi-venue takeover on North 6th and the surrounding blocks in the heart of Williamsburg on November 9th and 10th. Read more >>>