International Movie Fests that Celebrate LGBT to Watch this Month

ImageAfter reading essays from famous theologists Kosofsky Sedgwick, Judith Butler, and Lauren Berlant, it influenced me to narrow down a list of great film festivals to see this August. As an avid supporter of gay Community and Equal Rights in the University, I am proud to kick off with pride raising the emblematic rainbow flag of LGBTs by making a compilation of best movie galas to watch out in different states and regions across the world that aims to elevate queer visibility, understanding, appreciation and awareness through motion pictures.

Gaze: Dublin Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
Dublin, Ireland | August 2-6, 2012

Entzaubert Queer D.I.Y Film Festival
Berlin, Germany | August 2-5, 2012

North Carolina Annual Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (NCGLFF)
Durham, North Carolina, USA | August 10-19, 2012

Vancouver Queer Film Festival
British Columbia, Canada | August 14-26, 2012

Louisville LGBT Film Festival
Kentucky, USA | August 16-19, 2012

Pride of the Ocean LGBT Film Festival Cruise
Alaska, USA | August 18-25, 2012

Gender DocuFilm Fest
Rome, Italy | August 23-25, 2012

Birmingham SHOUT Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
Alabama, USA | August 24-26, 2012

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