The Men of Magic Mike

“Fact is, the law says you cannot touch!”, Dallas smilingly said.

But the truth is, I am one of the lawbreakers that will rousingly caress the lean and chiseled shirtless bodies of Five Scorching Hot Men of Magic Mike.

It tells the story of a male stripper named Magic Mike Martingano (Channing Tatum) who teaches a young performer Adam a.k.a The Kid (Alex Pettyfer) to make easy money and to party as they work at the club named Xquisite, owned by a former stripper Dallas (Matthew McConaughey).

Hallelujah! It’s raining men here on my blog, as I’ll take you with their super gorgeous physique and real profile.

Well, I don’t even care what this sexy flick is all about. I am intensely can’t wait to see MAGIC MIKE (to write something on my movie review assignment in the university about its captivating storyline -ooops!). I have already geared up my ovaries for a sensual blast as well as my immaculate hands are fully ready to take their shirts off.

Matthew McConaughey as Dallas
Age: 42
People Magazine’s 2005 Most Sexiest Man Alive

Channing Tatum as Magic Mike
Age: 32
FYI: He started his big break as he was being casted in Ricky Martin’s music video for “She Bangs,” where he was paid $400 for a 7-day shoot.

Alex Pettyfer as Adam (a.k.a The Kid)
Age: 22
‘I don’t go out, I don’t drink, and I don’t do drugs.”

Joe Manganiello as Big Dick Richie
Age: 35
Ranked #1 on Men’s Health Magazine’s Best Summer Bodies of 2011

Matt Bomer as Ken
Age: 34
The clear blue piercing-eyed hunk has three children! and I don’t f*ckin’ care!


William Levy as Zorro

Age: 31
He may be not on Steven Soderbergh’s film but he was still considered as one of the strippers.
Simply click here to know more about him. 🙂

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