Female Celebs Who Rock the Sideboob

Displaying cleavage is one of the whopping trends in red carpet events as well as in paparazzi but now, it’s totally behind the times. Boasting some striking mound of divine sideboob is definitely “IN” all the rage. Together with my best gal buddies, we piece together female celebs who are really rockingly hot flaunting their white meat on the side.

Britney Spears
Oooops! the Princess of Pop did it again!

Beyonce Knowles
Sasha Fierce soars flaunting her side meaty

Caribbean Queen’s fans take a bow on her side

Katy Perry
Did the california girl like kissing a side girly goodness before?

Lady Gaga
Mother Monster is without a doubt erogenous while maneuvering a charismatic dance craze

Kim Kardashian
Curvaceous Kimmie is curvilinear so much!

Paris Hilton
Still scorching hot even though she’s a flatso!

Scarlett Johansson
buxom figure Black Widow Natasha Romanoff

Anne Hathaway
She’s sexy ‘coz Cat Woman star wears Prada and she can perfectly pen research paper about The Creative Coalition and The Step Up Women’s Network.

Lindsay Lohan
Thank Goodness! There’s no red hair and freckles on her side!

Miranda Kerr
Oh! Mrs. Orlando Bloom VaVaVrooom

Rosie Whiteley Huntington
Action star Jason Statham is the lucky guy!

Olivia Wilde
Busted out on the side so wild!

Jessica Alba
Just heard that her bra on Sin City is worth $1,025 on eBay auction

Jennifer Aniston
The 2005 GQ’s Woman of the Year

Cameron Diaz
She flashes her sideboob very often huh!

Angelina Jolie
2003 Aftonbladet’s Sexiest Woman Alive

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