20 Flat Chested Celebrities that are Totally Sizzling Hot

Which do you prefer an Angelina Jolie face with itty-bitty tits or Jocelyn Wildenstein with extensive facial surgeries but natural gigantic boobies?
Atonement star Keira Knightley cuddles the fact that she was born with small busts but still she’s flat and proud of it. Let’s check out other celebrities who don’t need to undergo in a surgical implant but they stunned exquisitely sexy.
ImageSienna Miller
She often portrayed chain-smoking, drug-addicted and troubled roles but Sienna Miller ranked #27 as one of the 100 hottest women on the list of Maxim 2008.

“Men’s traditional view of sexiness isn’t sexy. It shouldn’t be so obvious: push-up bras and miniskirts? Sexiness, to me, is when people are comfortable with themselves.”

ImageKatie Holmes
Don’t worry if you’re flat-busted girl, maybe one of these days, someone like Tom Cruise will propose to you on the Eiffel Tower too.ImageNicole Richie
The outspoken socialite frequently wears headbands and oversize sunglasses but she doesn’t mind if she had small tits because she’s blessed to have a cool Good Charlotte lead singer husband and really happy with her two kids.
ImageMary Kate and Ashley Olsen
The anorexia survivor and her sister Ashley says “I don’t think you necessarily need to show off your stomach and boobs to be sexy. I’m just not attracted to that type of dressing.”
ImageDebra Messing
Question: What’s missing on Debra Messing?
Answer: a D cup! She’s completely flat chested.

The 2003 Best Dressed Woman in TV Guide is earning $250,000 per episode in Will and Grace.

ImageCameron Diaz
Strikingly attractive blue-eyed flat busted blonde Cameron D is definitely an A-cup! However, despite of her nonexistent boobies she was voted #4 on the 2011 Maxim list of Hot 100 Women.


ImageKristen Stewart
The Movie Fanatic’s Hottest Young Actress of 2008 ranked #3 in FHM Online Sexiest Women in the World in 2010. “I’ve always had an aversion to looking sexy, but I’ve grown out of it.”

ImageMaggie Q
She acted as the bootylicious Mai Shiranui on a fighting game movie adaptation The King of Fighters, even if she’s a flatso!
ImageClaire Danes
She had miniscule busts but she boasts it confidently!
ImageSasha Grey
The erotic enigma topbilled in over 200 adult movies despite of being a flat chested p*rno young superstar; she has marvelous stimulating skills that guys that really love to see.

ImageAgyness Deyn
One of the most glamorous face on fashion industry admits that she has itty bitty titties but never feel humiliated about it in various magazines worldwide!

ImageParis Hilton
Long bleached blonde hair socialite Paris Hilton, maybe she has everything in life except of B cup bra! The star heiress quoted, “If you have a beautiful face you don’t need big fake boobs to get anyone’s attention.”

ImageKate Hudson
She never stops wearing a sexy two-piece in a number beach summer movies. Kate Hudson ranks on the 38th spot on VH1’s 100 Hottest Hotties. Would you agree?
ImageNatalie Portman
The Other Boleyn Girl Scarlett Johansson has bigger busts than her, “Seriously, I would really want to grab Scarlett’s breasts. She’s got beautiful ones.”
ImageGwyneth Paltrow
Two of her ex-beaus have been entitled Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck, but Gwynnie never placed on any Sexiest List. Nevertheless, she is named as one of People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People.  “Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.”
ImageMilla Jovovich
Green-blue eyed Milla Jovovich was featured in Revlon’s ad campaigns “Most Unforgettable Women in the World” and voted as the Sexiest Female Movie Star in the 2002 Australian Empire Magazine.
ImageEmma Watson
Harry Potter series Hermione Granger was placed on the 3rd place on Empire Magazine’s ‘100 Sexiest Movie Stars’ list. She doesn’t need big b**bs coz’ Emma is still young. Let’s wait and see if she grows like Beauty and Custom Essay Brainiac Natalie Portman.
ImageKate Moss
Would you presume big alienified busts with her slim figure? Well, at the age of 30 she was recognized as the sexiest woman of all time according to a poll conducted by men’s magazine “Arena” to mark its 150th issue. International supermodel Kate Moss was hailed as the world’s best dressed woman by Britain’s Glamour magazine, thrashing out 8,000 other contenders in 2005.
ImageCharlize Theron
Oscar award-winning actress Charlize Theron is the Sexiest Woman Alive in 2007 Esquire magazine. “As you get older, you get wrinkles and your boobs sag. But you get wisdom, too. So it’s not all bad!”
ImageOlivia Wilde
Even sexy star Megan Fox wants to have a make out session with her, Jennifer’s Body lead actress declared her heavy attraction in a GQ interview. The cat-like eye Olivia Wilde was chosen PETA’s Sexiest Vegan Celebrity of 2010.
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30 thoughts on “20 Flat Chested Celebrities that are Totally Sizzling Hot

  1. jack demis says:

    most of them are not flat chested

    • Doug says:

      I agree, most of them do have something. I’ve seen enough Mary-Kate & Ashley pics to know that they have nice chests. As far as “flat” you would have to go with someone like Taylor Swift. I prefer my women 100% natural, so it’s great to see some of them just using what they were given.

  2. LoveSpinning says:

    Its nice to see celebs what with all the pressure on them to refrain from getting implants
    I believe cameron D now has them, but shes ever so modest and cant be more than a c cup

  3. DRickard says:

    Katie may have small breasts, but she’s hardly flat-chested: http://images.celebritymoviearchive.com/members/thumbs/b/bM1723-KatieHolmes@TheGift.jpg

  4. passerby says:

    Ugh! These celebs are so not flat chested! Are normal breasts supposed to be a C-cup to you so everyone below it is considered flat? -__-;

  5. Molybdenum Studios Founder and CEO says:

    It’s small-chested, not flat-chested. If you’re talking about being flat, that would seem manly.

  6. Syyn says:

    To previous commenters! Quit saying these girls aren’t flat enough!! That’s ridiculous… theyre saying no to plastic surgery and looking sexy all the same… If you want to see extra-flat chested celebs watch the Disney Channel…

    • fa says:

      You don’t understand what they want to say. I’m 27, flat chested and I’m not a Disney Channel Celeb. I say that many of them are not flat chested. They just point the difference, because there is one.

  7. Dennis Glodzik says:

    Let’s celebrate beautiful small breasts. I just saw an old Friends episode with Debra Messing with downright little boobs and I thought she looked gorgeous. I love breasts, but not big, pumped up ones. I was horrified years ago when I read that some parents in California get their daughters boob jobs for graduation presents. Can people get any shallower?

    • P says:

      These comments kind of annoy me because I actually need to get one because I cannot get any bra except one to fit and then it doesn’t really fit at all. Celebrate small boobs. Pffft! That’s fine if the girl is a tiny thing but these are Hollywood girls.. not normal girls.

  8. 213123123 says:

    how about gal gadot ? 😀

  9. skittlrs says:

    Notice that Ninw I’d these women have tits that are smaller than their stomachs…

  10. Stacy says:

    Many of them have implants now like Kate Hudson and Gwyneth Paltrow

  11. P says:

    I am a 36A. And find it impossible to get a bra to fit plus I look ridiculously out of proportion. So I am going to get a boob job. Not everyone wants a boob job JUST to have bigger boobs and flaunt them, people never seem to think of this.. I on the otherhand have to get one because I can barely get a bra to fit and the one I have found keeps slipping up. These girls are hardly flat chested!! Plus they’re all so tiny so when you compare their size with the cup size then thy’re in proportion.

    • Nat says:

      I agree! I am a 32b but some bras still hardly fit me! I hate the fact that when I don’t wear one I look like I have nothing, I can’t even wear certain tops to go out in cause the don’t fit me, I am considering surgery just to make me feel better and like myself better.

      • Aru says:

        if you aren’t a flat chested girl you just won’t get it. i am a 36AA and i am not some tiny little thing. girls with nice tits and most guys diss me for wanting a boob job. i hate wearing bras and would get one just so i never ever had to wear a push up again. anything that makes me feel good about me is good in my book and i don’t think anyone really has the right to say whether or not i decide to do something with my body. do i bitch that some of you don’t even lift? or eat crap?

      • paula says:

        There’s nothing wrong with a 32b.. this is for flat chested people and 32b it ain’t. You have some boobs stop complaining.

  12. asia says:

    @ “im getting a book job to fit into a bra.” No one ever said you need to wear a bra! Bras are meant to support! If you feel like there’s nothing TO support then just don’t wear a bra! If you don’t want people to see your nipples, then wear a padded undershirt or a sports bra or even those cute elastic strapless bras! I’m 32A and it’s hard to find bras but I HAVE found bras that do fit nicely!

    • P says:

      I need to wear a bra because I am soo flat chested and I like the feeling of having SOME boobs! So I wear a lightly padded bra so it looks kind of natural. I dont want to wear no bra at all.. I want to feel like a woman not a little boy.. I’d love to be 32A!! At least there’s not really a problem getting bras to fit then.. but 36a is nearly impossible so yep, getting a boob job. 🙂

  13. sandshellhedge says:

    this made me feel better about myself (:

  14. KissmyASS says:

    Speaking about the flat chested women. I think I am the champion! Literally speaking, mine is really really flat! Only nipples are sticking out! I have a great figure though, I look so sexy and very attractive if I were sexy dresses with padded bras. But still am jealous to the women who were born to have a big or normal size boobs. I was considering a breast implant to at least size 32B or CupB. But my husband did not want me to undergo surgery. He’s afraid of the side effects in the future. So now, I’m stuck with my flat chest. I felt bad why on earth I was born with no tits at all. If I only had at least 32A…I would consider myself perfect. It’s just so bad I was born so flat. ;-(

  15. Dragonette says:

    ROFL……..talk about HUGE Ego……….

  16. mediaho says:

    Keira Knightly recently posed topless to protest her breasts being enhanced digitally in movie posters and promos.
    Bravo Keira, but no need to enhance her breasts surgically or digitally.
    Her petite natural breasts are spectacular…pert, perky and firm, the epitome of flawless perfection.


  17. Manny says:

    This site really shows that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder because the biggest surprise on this list is not how many celebrities have small boobs but how many are considered to be the sexiest women in the world. Like Kate Moss who wouldn’t even be in my list of top 50. The thing about beauty in my opinion is that everything has to work together. There in no one thing that makes a girl or guy for that matter attractive, and I truly do think that confidence in yourself is also a big part of what makes a person more attractive. I don’t think it should be a problem if someone wants to get cosmetic surgery, as long as they are doing for themselves, to make themselves feel better and not for someone else, thinking others will like them more.

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