5 Hottest Kiddos of Rock Stars

Definitely rock stars’s progenies have become the cutting-edge in modeling craze, so I will feature here seven beautiful maidens who are undeniably attractive daughters of famous rockers.

Liv Tyler
She was twelve years old when she discovered that her dad was Steven Tyler. Liv Tyler noticed a resemblance to her dad and questioned her mom Bebe Buell about it after meeting her biological father and her half-sister Mia. She had no knowledge about Steven Tyler when she casted for a music video “Crazy” by the Aerosmith band.

Theodora Richards
Gorgeous Theodora is the eldest daughter of the former Calvin Klein model Patti Hansen and Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards. Along with Elizabeth Jagger, the muse of Mick Jagger, they were once photographed for an ad campaign of a premium lifestyle brand Tommy Hilfiger.

Amber Le Bon

Twenty two-year-old stunner Amber Le Bon has modeled for an American chain of clothing retailers called Forever 21, Pantene, Moschino and River Island. Amber Le Bon is the eldest daughter of Duran Duran frontman Simon Le Bon and hottie model Yasmin Le Bon.

Lily Collins
Mirror Mirror star is the fairest daughter of progressive rock-jazz fusion musician Phil Collins. Lily Collins was reported that she also auditioned for the lead role in Snow White and the Huntsman but lost to Kristen Stewart. She has proven herself to be a chic and stylish when she graces for a Tatler magazine looking bizarrely like classic icon Audrey Hepburn.

Kimberly Stewart
Renowned socialite Kimberly Stewart is the daughter of rocker Rod Stewart and actress Alana Stewart. The long legged blonde became an instant celebrity in her own right after she spent several years from college essay and acting workshops, linking to a number of high profile beaus such as Jack Osbourne, Joe Francism Cisco Adler and Wes Scantlin.

Elizabeth Jagger
One of the children of Mick Jagger stripped all the way down for a Playboy magazine cover on June 2011 issue. Also known as Lizzy, there’s no doubt that she can comfortably pose even if it’s topless for a photo-shoot. She also graced on most Mark and Spencer ad campaigns alongside with first class models Twiggy and Laura Bailey.

Frances Cobain
Frances Bean Cobain, the one and only daughter of Nirvana’s Rock God Kurt CObain and Hole lead singer Courtney Love. Now, she grows up and ready to seize the glare of publicity as she posed for a sultry black and white pictorial photographed by Hedi Slimane. Frances is set to get hitched a look-a-like of Kurt Cobain rock artist Isaiah Silva.

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